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Purely Organics Fertilizers – Organics That Work!


Our organic fertilizers are sustainable, safe, no bio-solids, affordable, earth friendly and easy to apply.

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Cost Effective

Converts your irrigation water into Fertile Water. The most efficient way to water and fertilize.

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Safe for kids, pets and the environment!
No unpleasant odor, chemicals free, many other benefits.

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Purely Organics TruckThe Purely Organic line of natural organics addresses the most negative aspects of slow initial performance and lack of “controlled release” of nutrients so common to all natural organic materials currently available. Purely Organic Fertilizers concentrates have specific natural organic components that have combined release rates of nutrients ranging from immediately available and soluble to slowly controlled with up to 2 months residual activities- with all natural organic components! University testing has shown conclusively that the unique and patented soluble, high-nitrogen components of Purely Organic products can equal or exceed the performance of urea while allowing for longer term nutrient efficiencies and soil microbial activity enhancement. The granular technologies utilizing soy protein and more complex forms of natural, plant derived organic nitrogen can stimulate soil microbial populations exceeding 800% compared to untreated turf within 48 hours after application! This new and unique line of “constructed” natural organics ensures, for the first time, rapid and controlled release of nutrients coupled with ultra-high levels of soil microbial activities. In short, the first line of natural organics having “synthetic” organic release properties but with the added values that go along with increased and active soil microbial populations. Enhanced turf performance coupled with reduced pesticide usage ….. a “natural” combination.

Top 5 Reason Why Organic Fertilizer is the Smart Choice


1Our products are non-toxic and completely safe for children, pets and the environment, so there’s no “waiting period” after fertilizer applications.

No Bio-Solids

2Unlike other commercial residential fertilizers, our products do not contain chicken or human waste, bio-solids or manures.


3Our prices are in line with the synthetic fertilizer product you may be using now, so your lawn care budget stays on track.

Earth Friendly

4We sell organic fertilizers made from recycled food waste. By diverting food waste from landfills, we help to reduce greenhouse gases.

All Natural

5Our products work the way nature intended, stimulating beneficial microbial activity in the soil for healthy, vigorous grass and plants.

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